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Review: Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Hen Episode 16

Review: Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Hen Episode 16

Here is the chapter review for Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Episode 16 by our editors and writers team.
Please note this post contains spoilers so if you haven’t watched the episode yet just ignore this post.
After the cliff hanging episode we had last week, we get a treat of the continuation on Episode 16.

So Kero and Sakura are high up in the sky, observing the wreckage the card was inflicting on the home of Tomoyo. In order to save the mansion and everyone else in it from the wreckage that was being done to the garden and all, and to also save the whole Tomoeda town from damage, Sakura used the Siege Card to surround the area and keep the card within the premises only.
When they were all sent home, Sakura and Meilin walked with Akiho up until a certain point till she had to go a different route from them. As Akiho parted ways with her two friends, she sang as she walked home till she bumped into Kaito along the way. She wondered why he was all the way out here and he simply responded that when she had texted him saying she was on her way home, he decided to meet up half way and walk her home.

As they chatted, Akiho told him about the day with her friends, and more about Sakura, being the friend she was closest to the most. As they conversed, Fujitaka came up to the discussion and Kaito had mentioned how he was an archaeologist. Akiho picked up on this one, however she wondered if she ever even mentioned Sakura’s father to him before. Probably realizing his slip, Kaito decided to turn back time a little bit to make her forget that the discussion ever happened leaving Akiho oblivious to it all.
On the other end, Sakura and Meilin was nearing home as well and they were discussing how Akiho was quite similar with Sakura as well. Meilin made a remark how she feels sad when she sees good people. Sakura wondered about this (and so did I), but before Meilin could elaborate, they were interrupted by a strange girl in a red battle suit of sorts. This girl started attacking them both with different fighting techniques and all. However, even with Meilin’s quick reflexes and skill, they still couldn’t neutralize the power of this girl, so she continued attacking Meilin most especially.
Later, Sakura realizes that they had to hit both her shoulders at the same time, they tried to sync their moves together and succeed in the said attack and this paralysed the card’s movement altogether. That was when Sakura finally succeeded in securing the card—Struggle.

As Sakura sees Meilin off and Fujitaka hails a cab to bring her to the airport, Meilin had this one last request if she could start calling her by her first name “Sakura.” Naturally this made Sakura very happy and she agreed of course.
As Meilin drove off, she was on call with Syaoran, and by far, this is one of the most heartfelt scene I’ve ever watched in this whole season so far—the conversation between Syaoran and Meilin. While she seem to still be the same head strong and impulsive type of girl who occasionally gets into fight with Kero, she has evidently grown maturely and openly expressing her love and care for the people closest to her. This is showcased in the way she subtlety give a reminder to Syaoran over the phone to look after himself because there would be people around him who would be sad if anything were to happen to him—and she knows who would be saddest the most. She proclaims that Sakura is her friend too, and if he did anything to make her sad, she would be upset with him as well.